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Pain is your internal GPS

Pain is something we are conditioned to ignore, supress, numb, dilute or complain about. Unless we are at the gym, then we've been taught' "No Pain, No Gain." Well, we can definitely gain from our pains if we can be present with it and listen to where it's trying to lead us. Scripture states, "Our greatest weakness shall be our greatest strength."

Working with thousands of people and with the most potent healing modalities, I've found that I can translate the body's sacred language and sometimes without even touching or adjusting someone, I can activate a healing response in the body. Just like in the video, our pain can either be a burden or a blessings. Don's go to the Dark Side and ignore, numb, suppress your pain. Turn towards your souls light, embrace what you feel without judging it right, wrong, good or bad and receive the best directions to your life's purpose. Otherwise you can always circle round at the 'round a bound'. The dark side of suppressing pain or not receiving your symptom's medicine, is that it will eventually be heard whether you like it or not. The more we suppress it, the more dis-ease we will experience until it because a disease. The sooner we stop, take inventory of the way we are living our lives and make a change, the faster we will ease suffering, heal and experience true well-being.

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