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New Study in the journal Neurology Research International-spice over surgery.

Titled, "The Potential of Curcumin in Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury.", suggests that the ancient Indian spice Turmeric and its primary polyphenol curcumin, may provide a more effective approach than conventional treatments such as drugs and surgery. The reason is that the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric is better than corticosteriods and also its ability to stimulate stem cells which are important in tissue repair and regeneration. Again, nature wins out over synthetic, no big surprise. In fact turmeric is one of the most thoroughly researched plants in existence today with over 5600 peer-reviewed and published biomedical studies. The research indicates over 600 potential preventative and therapeutic applications. For example, currently under clinical investigation for anti-cancer effects. So if a spice is better than drugs and surgery, what over proven modalities should we be seeking out first rather than relying on our western medicine approaches? Well, Chiropractic has also been shown to be more effective than drugs and surgery for over 120 years. It's way more conservative and been shown to have much better long term effectiveness. It's time to return to nature, "alternative" over conventional, holistic over hospital. Yes of course western emergency medicine is the best in the world and can prolong death but doesn't keep you healthy and thriving. Let's move beyond survival and choose something less boring and way more exciting - let's choose to THRIVE.

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