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BioEnergetic Updates

Are you experiencing pain, discomfort, limiting beliefs, feelings of being stuck, confused, depressed? Or just choose to invest in your ongoing wellness and optimization? When was the last time you updated your bioenergetic field, body and released emotional baggage that keeps you revolving in one place instead of evolving? Now is the time for a bioenergetic update or upgrade. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Kundalini Yoga teacher and bioenergetic medicine practitioner for almost 20 years, I've seen how we update our computer & iPhone more regularly than we do our body, and wonder why the hardware doesn't function as optimally as possible. Our nervous system is comparable to a computer's operating system, and it controls the functioning of every muscle, organ and cell of our body. We only get one and there's no nervous system transplants yet available. It is comparable to a high-speed fiber optic cables transmitting information and energy. The information and energy we are encountering is coming in fast and furious and in order to handle the information and energy, our nervous system needs updates, just like our phones. Imagine an older Atari computer trying to run the latest operating system, or a surge of energy running through an outdated electrical system. It wouldn't be compatible or would pop the breaker because the surge is too much for the system to handle.

The biomechanics term Subluxation means less than light expression, which means that the system can't handle the influx of information, energy or "trips the breaker". You'll hear people describe a subluxation when they say, "I threw my back out" or "My neck is out of whack". This is telling us we need to reset the system or that we require an upgrade, adjustment or alignment in order to integrate the stored tension. Bioenergetic medicine is a way of releasing and integrating emotional baggage, trapped emotions and limiting patterns. It can even release them from our lineage, as we receive emotional information just as we receive genetic information. One of the many forms of BioEnergetic Medicine techniques I use is called The Emotion Code, or the updated form called The Body Code. Quickly we determine thru muscle testing, clairsentience, and Mastery System's Coaching tools, what, when and where the short-circuit/ trauma/limiting belief or imbalance occurred. We then release and upgrade your bioenergetics so your body can begin again to function optimally. Most experience a lightening, lightness, release, shift, pain reduction, insight, awareness or upliftment of the current condition or energy. Are you ready for an upgrade?


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