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The world's first Embulance

The world's first Embulance was inspired by many years experience in humanitarian service; veteran Coast Guard Search & Rescue, volunteering in emergency rooms, as an EMT, CPR instructor, holistic physician, volunteer firefighter, first responder and compassionate activist. I'll get to what an Embulance is after first describing an Ambulance; a mobile "hospital" racing around focusing on emergencies and transporting sick people to the hospital. With loud sirens and flashing lights, we feel the urgency to move out of the way as they race by diverging traffic. Usually a red, orange and white square box on wheels, with EMT's and Paramedics on board to keep people alive until receiving more advanced medical care. The Ambulances only direction is to and from home, accident scene and hospital, ensuring the survival of their occupants. The Dalai Lama emphatically states ,"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive." So, if we cannot survive without love and compassion, why aren't there any "Ambulances" that focus on these? There is now!

The world's first 'Embulance' is a mobile, social outreach program focusing on emergence, prevention, holistic well-being and sacred activism. The embulance has rounded edges, it's bright, shiny and it's origins were designed for flight and built for adventure travel. Instead of divergence as it moves through the world, it's mission is uplift and bring people together. The root 'em' means to put in or into; bring to a certain state. E.M = Energy in Motion. The Latin word emergere means bring forth; bring to light or rise up. Thus, the name of my social outreach program is "Uplift One, Rise Together". Born out of the desire for connection, compassion, holistic practices to enhance inborn healing abilities, and to utilize our greatest superpowers; creativity and compassion.

Epigeneticist Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D and author of the New York Times best seller, Biology of Belief states, "we cannot be in protection and growth at the same time. The more we are in protection [AKA defense or survival mode], the more we compromise our growth..." [AKA thriving and well-being]. The majority of health care's focus has been on survival/emergency medicine for expedience and greed, and the crumbs are left for the things that in the end really matter; love and compassion. Mystic scholar and spiritual teacher Andrew Harvey conveys in his book, The Hope, that only a revolution of the heart expressed in action could now transform our current situation. "It's not enough to be compassionate, you must act." Dalai Lama.

As a doctor of Chiropractic, my passion is to help restore motion. Not just in the main spinal channel between brain and body, but in how humanity aligns with the greatest motion in the universe; love. I choose to focus on our emergence vs on an emergency, converging vs diverging, thriving vs surviving, and heart-based acts of compassion with Uplift One. Let's focus on the strengths and superpowers returning, instead of fighting against each other, our problems, diagnoses, and symptoms.

I'm not trying to save the World with grand gestures, but adding to what I wish to feel in the world. If the people that are trying to destroy the World aren't taking a day off, then I shouldn't either. So, my daily mantra will be, what can I do to uplift humanity, with one deliberate, purposeful and meaningful compassionate act at a time...

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