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Transformational G-Ong Healing

G-ong Healing is very unique & transformational experience. The planetary Sun gong is tuned to represent the natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of our greatest & central star of our galaxy, the Sun. G= God or Generating Force, Ong= Sanskrit, The Infinite Creative Energy of Manifestation.

"The gong is unlike an other instrument. It is a portal...a way of transformation. A way to tune-in to oneself."

~Mehtab Benton, International Gong Master.

The sympathetic nervous system, aka "rest/digest/healing" is ruled by sound and regulates the sympathetic nervous system, aka "fight/flight/freeze", which is ruled by vision. The resonance, tone, and trans-spacial overtone features of the gong creates a deep relaxation and yoga Nidra, or psychic sleep of the body & mind.

"Relaxation is the antidote to all impurities." ~Sri Dharma Mittra.

(personal and group healing ceremonies available)

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