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Transformational G-Ong Healing

Updated: Jul 3

G-ong Healing is very unique & transformational experience. The Gong is one of humanities oldest, most powerful, therapeutic instruments dating back to the Bronze age, over 6000 years ago. The planetary-tuned symphonic gongs are tuned to vibrate with our galactic celestial bodies based on Hans Cousto's book, The Cosmic Octave. For example, the planetary Sun Gong, represents the natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of our greatest & central star of our galaxy.

"The gong is unlike an other instrument. It is a portal...a way of transformation. A way to tune-in to oneself."

~Mehtab Benton, International Gong Master.

The sympathetic nervous system, aka "rest/digest/healing" is ruled by sound and regulates the sympathetic nervous system, aka "fight/flight/freeze", which is ruled by vision. The resonance, tone, and trans-spacial overtone features of the gong creates a deep relaxation and yoga Nidra, or psychic sleep of the body & mind.

"Relaxation is the antidote to all impurities." ~Sri Dharma Mittra.

Enjoy a recent article about Gong baths in Woman's Health

Research article in Musicological Annual

(full PDF article on the science of the gong's healing effects on page 137)

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