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Emerge and See Medicine is "medicine from within". Just as a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, so do we...eventually. The chrysalis or cocoon is a protected state in development or transition, preparing to emerge into a grander version of itself. Everything is in constant motion, and when we resist motion, we postpone our transformation. With Emerge and See Medicine, we can transform pain, tension, blocks, emotional trauma, old beliefs, programs, and structures that no longer serve our highest desires and use that energy for creating the life we truly desire. Pain, challenge and suffering have the message, medicine, and wisdom needed to align with our soul's purpose. Emerge and See Medicine is not about getting rid of, or numbing, diagnosing, judging, blaming, shaming, resisting or curing. It's about remembering we are already connected, healed & whole. The challenge is to remember, re-commit, and reclaim the energy that has been stuck, blocked, resisted or forgotten. As a Chiropractor and Yogi, I can assist in restoring motion of body, mind, and spirit, and the greatest motion in the Universe is Love.

I've dedicated over 30 years to humanitarian service, including 6 years in the military US Coast Guard Air/Sea Search & Rescue, Oakland County E.R, E.M.T, CPR Instructor, 3RD World International Service Projects, Volunteer Firefighter, Doctor of Chiropractic, holistic bioenergetic medicine, Kundalini/Meridian/Yin Yoga Teacher. I have integrated both worlds of emergency and complementary health care. What I know for sure serving around the world is that you have to have better feeling BEFORE you can feel better. To emerge and see, rather than a constant state of emergency.

My passion is to inspire, co-empower, facilitate and educate about the underlying causes of pain, suffering and healing. There are 2 ways to live your life: Embrace, or brace against. If we brace against "it", all we do is defend and survive. If we embrace "it" we can design a life of thriving health and well-being. I choose to be in-service, uplift humanity, collaborate, cooperate and live abundantly. Survival is hard-wired but thriving takes courage. Join me !?


Dr. Christopher S. Powell 








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